From the Cross Rifles round about.

Go straight ahead on Momouth Street, throught the lights by the bottom of the town, ( things to look for,  the new Hotel being built on the right ) carry on up the road to the next set of lights ( keeping to the left hand lane all the way) Old Hospital on the right, your turning into Colley lane is on your left by the Lime Kiln Pub, follow the road along the side of the river, passed the fire station all the way to the bottom of the road about about five mins (1/2 mile) You then turn right up Yeo Lane and right onto Brue Ave looking to your right you will see us on the corner UNIT D, the Munches Cafe is on the other corner, You can park opposite us.

From the Taunton Road A38 at the lights,

Turn right on to the Bridge keeping to the right hand side lane, at the lights you need to take the next right on to Colley lane, keeping to the right  follow the instructions as above from the Lime Kiln Pub. If you are not sure please phone this number 01278 453502.

From the A39 coming in on the Minehead road and down onto the broadway,

Go straight ahead follow the train station signs (this is the middle lane at the seconed set of lights by Morrisons) on the bridge keep to the right hand side, (there is a sign post on the bridge) turn right at the lights on to Colley lane, keep to the right, follow directions writen above.

There is also a map attached where you can put in from where you start and our unit address TA6 5LT.

It shows you Munches cafe we are on the other corner at unit D